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Test (Government)

PDA Engineering has significant experience across the full range of design and qualification testing, from MIL-STD and IEEE compliant design tests to full Grade A shock testing. 

PDA Engineering has extensive test experience, including design verification, factory acceptance testing, and environmental qualification testing. Having tested thousands of systems, most complying to either MIL-STD or IEEE requirements, our clients can be confident that their equipment/systems will operate safely and reliably in its intended environment.

PDA Engineering provides testing services in the following:

  • Test Design and Planning

  • Startup and Continuous Diagnostic Testing

  • Design verification Testing

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Environmental Qualification Testing

  • Shock testing including Class A shock

Our Expertise

Read Our Case Study: Test Equipment and Software Suite

For a large military computer system packaging program, PDA Engineering developed a production and environmental test equipment and software suite to verify accurately built and fully functional equipment and to fully exercise systems during environmental testing. 


Our test software was developed to run on custom common test carts. The test carts provide all necessary mating equipment interfaces, including many Ethernet interface types, serial, video, audio, discrete, and human machine interface (HMI) functions, using COTS and custom test cables between the test cart and equipment. 


The test software is a state machine running under Linux that uses a database-generated XML test configuration file to custom build a test for virtually any equipment configuration and producing auditable test artifacts. The state machine uses test scripts to exercise specific elements of the hardware and isolate failures quickly to save time in troubleshooting.  The software easily adds stress loads during environmental testing to ensure robust real-world conditions. The test software and the units under test utilize the same Linux operator environment (OE) version that deployed systems use, so our testing also helps find and fix OE issues early in the development process to reduce risk for downstream integrators.


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