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Test Automation (Industrial)

PDA Engineering improves customers' operating results and product quality by designing, developing, and building flexible test stations that can identify issues early in the design and development process, where they can be addressed easier and at a lower cost.

PDA Engineering's test automation engineers can help increase production, efficiency, and quality control with an innovative testing solution that grows and adapts as needed.

Our modular workstation is capable of operating multiple test fixtures by allowing the quick and easy change-out of instrumentation and measurement equipment for calibration, repair, reconfiguration, and expansion. It has the ability to identify each individual test fixture for seamless interchange of operating software.

We can meet all safety and ergonomic standards as required and design with special attention to preventing operator injury. 

Our Expertise

An international Fortune 500 electronics and manufacturing company contracted PDA Engineering to develop an electronic assembly testing solution that could speed up the production line, prevent bottlenecks, ensure high levels of quality control, and be housed at the customer's location.  


PDA Engineering produced a standardized tester unit that tests up to twenty unique assemblies simultaneously, ensuring increased production efficiencies and speed compared to traditional testing methods, all while maintaining high levels of quality control. Furthermore, PDA Engineering designed the tester units to future-proof the production line by implementing quick-change adapters that can be swapped to fit new products and assemblies.


The current application of this novel technology continues to help the customer successfully develop market-leading products and obtain year-over-year growth. The technology can be applied to many unique testing situations in a variety of industries. 

Read Our Case Study: Electronic Assembly Testing

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