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Integrated Product

Support (Government)

PDA Engineering's Integrated Product Support (IPS) department is committed to identifying and developing innovative products and processes to facilitate continuous improvement throughout the lifecycle of a system.


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The U.S. Navy's TIH program requires long term information reporting and data support. We continuously innovate both processes and technologies to arrive at a product that provides data reporting of unmatched quality more quickly.


The U.S. Navy requires the TIH contractor to provide a list of lowest replaceable units (LRUs), by platform, per technology insertion (TI). In the early days of PDA Engineering’s involvement it was relatively easy to maintain the list in an Excel workbook – it was just a handful of platforms and one TI cycle (TI-16/18). In the contracts for TI-20/22, however, the workbook became unwieldy and it became difficult for PDA to provide accurate data in a timely manner.


We needed to expand the capabilities of our engineering configuration and data management tool. The IPS staff, in close collaboration with the technical staff, identified requirements and worked with the developer to create an end-to-end component-based application that ties engineering and support data together, thereby preserving data integrity throughout the program. Additionally, the data is tagged to facilitate real time data extraction, allowing the IPS staff to create accurate, up to date LRU lists at the push of a button.

Read Our Case Study: U.S. Navy Technology Insertion Hardware (TIH)

Our team is familiar with all of the IPS elements; our strongest expertise is in product support management, design interface, supply support, and technical data/documentation.

  • Product support management

  • Design interface

  • Sustaining engineering

  • Supply support

  • Maintenance planning and management

  • Packaging, handling, storage (PHS&T)

  • Technical data/documentation

  • Support equipment

  • Training and training support

  • Manpower/personnel

  • Facilities and infrastructure

  • Computer resources

Our Expertise

Operations and maintenance costs can contribute as much as 80% to the total lifecycle cost of a system. IPS design influence can often reduce and sometimes eliminate maintenance requirements, and effective documentation/training and readiness-based sparing can improve maintenance timelines.


The highly skilled Engineers and Data Analysts on the ILS Engineering team collaborate with PDA’s engineering staff to develop the technical data the Technical Writers need to create data modules for the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) and for the provisioners to successfully conduct the provisioning guidance conference and prepare the government supply system for sparing in the fleet.

PDA Engineering's custom component-based content management system allows unprecedented control over the accuracy, integrity, and speed in delivering logistics products.

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