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Tactical Communications

Audio Sub-System (TCAS)

The platform level communication solution trusted for decades to coordinate SONAR operator actions while simultaneously enabling monitoring of the primary vehicle sensor – the SONAR system. 

The TCAS is an eMASS certified device, operating as a platform-level telephone system whereby operators can call one another without interrupting their audio monitoring of the SONAR sensor audio. The TCAS does this by blending all appropriate audio products together in real-time and providing this complete audio solution to the operator via the station headsets. 

The Solution

The SONAR station operators of the platform must remain in contact with each other and other key crew members while at the same time monitoring the SONAR sensor audio.  Audio fidelity cannot be compromised, and cyber guidelines and requirements must be met. 

The Problem

The VoIP TCAS is a second-generation TCAS product. The first-generation units, the ISDN TCAS, has faithfully served in deployed operations for 20 years. The VoIP TCAS continues the ISDN TCAS tradition of utmost audio fidelity while maintaining the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), operator look and feel as well as cabling interconnects of the ISDN units. This maximizes utility and minimizes installation effort, documentation changes and operator training.

Ever Evolving

  • Standard Features

    • GFE provided w/ Command and Control Workstations

      • TCAS functionality:

        • Custom ISDN interface for the Naval Integrated Communications System (ICS)

        • Sensor audio input

        • SONAR Supervisor audio monitor output (single channel)

        • Monitor loudspeaker output

        • Data logger output

        • Two operator headsets

      • ICS Supported features:

        • Station to station calling

        • Auto-answer calls

        • Individual station speed dialing

        • Pre-Defined Conference Groups (PCG) Access

      • Maintains heritage form factor

        • Same bolt pattern and connector location

      • Maintains system interfaces

        • Same connectors and pinouts

  • Improved Features

    • Twisted pair ISDN becomes Ethernet

      • Maintains high fidelity audio



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