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Analysis (Government)

PDA Engineering has proven time and again that proper up-front analysis can save development and subsequent testing dollars by providing quick, timely, and accurate answers to complex structural and thermal problems early in the development process. 


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The Parallel Phase Balancer was created after analysis of the generation and distribution inefficiencies of three phase power, which is used widely as an economical and efficient power system but which suffers from imbalance issues that can result in energy loss, limited capacity, increased fuel consumption and heat, and a shorter operational life of equipment. 


Traditionally, load balancing is static with varied success. The classic solution, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), provides excellent balancing but has many drawbacks such as decreased efficiency and negative impacts to reliability, availability, size, and weight.


The Parallel Phase Balancer, currently in use on US Navy ships and submarines, provides dynamic load balancing to reduce engineering effort and ensure increased efficiency, increased mean time between failures (MTBF), reduced outages and only a fraction of the negative impacts of a UPS.

Read Our Case Study: Parallel Phase Balancer

We are well versed in the analysis guidance provided in many military standards (MIL-STDs), including structural, thermal, EMI, human factors, and others.

Our Expertise

  • Static structural analysis

  • Dynamic structural analysis for both linear and non-linear materials

  • Thermal analysis

  • Thermal stress analysis

  • Cooling

  • Power analysis


We primarily use two different software packages for our analysis work:

  • NASTRAN for linear static and dynamic problems

  • ERMC for thermal and nonlinear structural situations

Areas of analysis services include:
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