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PDA Engineering has several patented products currently ensuring the safety and efficiency of U.S. Navy submarines. These products are proven to work in harsh and highly regulated environments and could have applications and benefits in relevant commercial industries or additional military situations.


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Parallel Phase Balancer (PPB)

Three-phase power is widely used for energy generation, transmission, and distribution. It is more economical and efficient than other power systems but can suffer from a number of issues when unbalanced. The traditional solution, an interruptible power supply, provides excellent balancing but suffers from negative impacts to efficiency, reliability, availability, and equipment size and weight. 


The Parallel Phase Balancer pulls extra current from lightly loaded line phases, injecting it onto more heavily loaded phases. This process provides balance and improved fault tolerance without affecting efficiency, reliability, or availability, all in a small and light-weight package.

Optical Video Coupler (OVC)

A video and operator machine interface (OMI) environment is the best solution for the transference of audio, video, and HMI inputs and outputs from an operator station to the desired end location. The traditional environment needs numerous adapters, switches, and other accessories, resulting in an increased number of cables, increased cost, and increased demand on (already limited) space and power. 


The Optical Video Coupler and OMI distribution system meets the transfer demands in two small and more affordable pieces of equipment, replacing the numerous accessories required in the traditional solution and greatly reducing the power, space, and cable requirements.


The OVC system also has bonus features:

  • real-time watermarking to detect deep-fake attempts

  • secure tagging and filtering of security level

Submarine operators need to be able to listen to both SONAR audio and audio from their fellow boatmates at the same time. The ISDN TCAS provides high-quality stereo audio for both ISDN telephone and SONAR audio. An upgraded version, the VoIP TCAS, uses Ethernet transport instead of an analog telephone interface. 


Both TCAS versions are in use by the U.S. Navy throughout all mission areas and operational scenarios. Without it, the ship’s crew would suffer significant disruption.

Tactical Communications Audio Sub-System (TCAS)
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