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Design (Industrial)

PDA Engineering offers full spectrum design capability, whether mechanical, electrical (including processors and computers), system, software or all combined.

  • Electronics packaging

  • Shock, vibration, structural and thermal/cooling

  • Mechanisms/motion control

  • Automation and robotics

Mechanical Design
  • Requirements definition

  • Electronics and control systems

  • Radar distribution

  • System integration

  • Video distribution

  • Power management

System Design
Electrical/Electronic Design
  • Microprocessor system design

  • Printed circuit board development, design, and layout

  • Digital/Analog design

  • Electronic design and packaging for extreme conditions, such as shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and altitude

  • Power supplies/UPS and controls, grounding and shielding

  • Complex cabling

  • EMI/RFI/Tempest

Software/Firmware Design
  • Firmware/software to support hardware implementation

  • Diagnostic/test software to support design verification

PDA Engineering was contracted by a Fortune 100 company in the food service industry to automate a food production task in advance of launching a new product. Their current manual process was inefficient, time consuming, and not viable for mass production.   

The client, having worked with PDA Engineering before, asked us to design a multi-step mechanized assembly line with different modules (steps) that can perform the individual actions required to automate the task and free up the labor hours required by the manual process. PDA Engineering designed solutions that met the very strict specifications and requirements given.

We engaged the client with an interactive design process that resulted in PDA Engineering building a “Proof of Concept” machine to demonstrate the feasibility of the ideas generated. The machine successfully demonstrated that many of the proposed concepts would work at the mass scale (90 items a minute per assembly) and also exposed concepts that needed improvement before a working prototype could be developed. 

Read Our Case Study: Automating for Efficiency

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