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Product Support (Government)

PDA Engineering has significant experience providing support for products in production and/or maintenance phases, including the development of improved or custom models of current offerings

We have experience with Lean Six Sigma, Value Stream Engineering, and other cost reduction efforts that have saved our customers millions of dollars. Our experience includes the U.S. Navy standards program and their legacy equipment.

Our Expertise

  • Manufacturing and field usage problems

  • Process improvement

  • Tooling design

  • Drawing/Document conversion (paper to Solid CAD)

  • Qualification to standards

  • Cost reduction and Value Stream Engineering

    • Alternate fabrication methods (injection molding, vacuum forming, die casting, etc.)​

    • Part count and inventory reduction

  • Configuration and data management​

  • RMA analysis (including RCM and RBS)

  • Material obsolescence management

Services include:

The Tactical Communications Audio Sub-System (TCAS), which has been in use by the U.S. Navy for many years, was originally designed to provide high quality stereo audio for both ISDN telephone and sensor audio to submarine operators.

As platform architecture started moving away from the obsolete ISDN telephony solution, the submarine communications networks needed a new communication method that could work with Ethernet. PDA Engineering developed the Voice over IP (VoIP) TCAS, an upgraded version of its original ISDN product that preserved the proven high-fidelity audio of the ISDN TCAS and updated the system's security measures and protocol. 

The VoIP TCAS implements typical VoIP services including speed dial, call hold, caller ID and volume controls. It augments these VoIP capabilities with special sensor audio features for blending VoIP call audio with sensor products, loudspeaker drivers, and external microphone recording, replicating the abilities of the heritage TCAS product. It maintained the heritage form factor and operator and system interfaces of the ISDN model to ensure the least disruption in transitioning to the new product. 

The VoIP TCAS is used in the U.S. Navy Virginia and Columbia Class submarines, throughout all mission areas and operational scenarios. 

Read Our Case Study: Voice over IP Tactical Communications Audio Sub-System

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