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  1. PDA and our customers reserve the right to access the supplier’s facility and all records applicable to a purchase order (PO). 

  2. Parts or materials supplied against this purchase order shall be new. Used, reclaimed, or refurbished parts and materials are prohibited unless approved in writing by PDA in advance of delivery.  

  3. Supplier must notify PDA of any non-conforming products upon detection and in advance of delivery.  

  4. Supplier must notify PDA of any hazardous materials upon detection and in advance of delivery.   

  5. Supplier may not change products, parts, materials or processes specified by the drawing, or the PO without prior written approval from PDA. 

  6. Records associated with this PO shall be maintained for seven (7) years.  

  7. Supplier shall use the parts, materials and processes specified by the drawing. associated Bill of Materials and PO unless deviation is authorized in advance in writing by PDA.  

  8. Identification, Preservation, Packaging, and Packing:  Unless otherwise noted on the PO, packaging and packing of all products shall be in accordance with best Standard Commercial Packaging Practice; reference ASTMD3951-10 for guidance.  Each packing list shall include, as a minimum, the following information:  
    • Part number and revision  
    • PO number 
    • PO Line item  
    • Quantity
    • Supplier/Manufacturer’s identification


  9. Delivery dates are critical to our customer needs. Suppliers shall notify PDA in the event quoted delivery date(s) cannot be met at the soonest possible time. 

  10. All communications regarding this PO must reference the PO number; this includes packing lists and invoices.

  11. Limited Life Items: No materials shall be shipped to PDA with less than 80% of the full shelf-life as determined by the original manufacturer unless previously approved in writing by PDA. The expiration date(s) shall be clearly recorded on the packaging and shipping documents.

  12. Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD): All electrostatic sensitive devices shall be handled, marked and packaged in compliance with MIL-STD-1686C or ANSI/ESD S20.20 Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts, Assemblies and Equipment (Excluding Electrically Initiated Explosive Devices), or equivalent.

  13. Ban of Tik Tok: Use of Tik Tok and/or any other app owned by ByteDance is prohibited on information technology assets used in Government contracts in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.204-27. (This applies only to assets capable of processing, manipulating, storing, transmitting, and receiving information technology).

Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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